Let CHMAS bring you and adventure together on one of our open courses in 2015 and you will be amazed at what you can do once you have the skills.

If you have a specific date in mind then please contact us to arrange your own private course or activity so that we can tailor the experience to your specific requirements.


Learn how to control your craft with ease either on one of our foundation skills courses or for those with some experience on our introduction to white water course.

Foundation Skills (£80 for the day)
18th April, & 13th June.

Introduction to White Water (£90 for the day)
19th April, & 4th July.

Climbing / Abseiling

Do you aspire to go climbing under your own steam or find out what climbing outside entails? Then come and learn to do it safely on one of our own climbing courses.

Introduction to Climbing (£80 for the day)
16th May, 18th July, 19th September, & 3rd October.

Touching the Stone Weekend (£140 for the 2 days)
20th June, & 21st June.

Hill Walking

Fancy brushing up your navigation and learning about the natural environment then why not come along on one of our hill walking courses.

Fundamentals of Navigation (£60 for the day)
21st March, 6th June, & 17th October.

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